Mbot Release Notes

ver 1.0.0


  • Hello world!
  • Send order status messages
  • Send order status messages to guest accounts
  • Order summary message
  • Basic user statistics
  • Added "send to messenger" button configuration

ver 1.1.0


  • Added "connected with messenger" status in customer information
  • Added an encryptor for communication between module and shop
  • Assign message preview
  • Added basic Voucher Message support


  • Many bugfixes

ver 1.2.0


  • Voucher sending rules - now you can set up rules that need to be met in order to send a voucher to a client. The following rules have been implemented:
    • X days have passed since last voucher was sent
    • When customer spends X in total
    • When order is for X or more products
    • When order value is X or more
    • Order is made for Xth time
  • Customizable voucher message with shortcodes, that let you use customers name, order url etc in your message.
  • Abandoned cart reminder - you can remind you customers about their abandoned cart after a set amount of days.
  • Ability to set the amount of days ater abandoned cart message should be sent.
  • Customizable Abandoned Cart message where you can use shortcodes to personalize the reminder.

ver 1.3.0


  • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.3

ver 1.3.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixing a bug causing vouchers not to be sent if message was set to be triggered by "pending" status AND the customer connected his account after he placed an order.

ver 2.0.0


  • Added new button type FB: checkbox plugin that integrates with forms
  • New pages have been added on which button/checkbox may appear: in addition to Customer Account Page and Thank you page, there are also pages:
    • Customer login page (connection to the messenger account when logging in)
    • Customer registration page (connection to messenger account during registration)
    • Cart page (connecting the messenger account with the cart and then with the order)
    • Product page (linking the messenger account with the cart and then with the order)
  • New types of linking with the messenger account have been added - for guests and with carts (quote)
  • Account and messenger link converters have been added (from guest to cart/order/customer, from cart to customer/order, from order to guest)
  • Added the ability to recover the cart using the link sent on the messenger
  • Added reminder in the Status Messages configuration about leaving the site without saving
  • Added message preview and cheat sheet with variables in other message types
  • Code quality improved to new Marketplace guidelines, bugs fixed, module improved

ver 2.0.1


  • Changed configuration layout (plus default values)
  • Changed abandoned carts from days to hours
  • Added validator for cart recovery

ver 2.0.2


  • added tooltip location configuration options
  • configurable abandoned carts for minutes/hours/days
  • guest cart recovery
  • minor fixes