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Essential requirements

MBot is a Mgento 2 module that allows your customers to connect their Facebook Messenger to your shop. This lets you in turn send them automatic order notifications and marketing messages. This leads to a handful of essential requirements you have to meet to use MBot.

  • You need to have a Facebook account
  • Also a public Facebook fanpage linked to it
  • On top of that Magento 2.1 or higher

How does it work?

The module utilizes a handful of integrations:

  • The module itself that you need to install in your Magento 2 store - it will send messages via your fanpage.
  • Shop - it connects your store to Facebook and your panpages to appropriate store views.
  • Our FB app that sends messages
  • Your fanpage that will deliver the messages

After a completed order, a customer will see a “Send to Messenger” button on the “Thank you” page. It allows them to integrate their FB profiles with MBot and your store. From the moment they do that, the module will start sending Facebook messages based on your settings.

How to install MBot?

The module can be installed using composer. This ensures you always download the newest version and can easily update it. To install it:

  • Add our composer repository to your website: composer config repositories.magently composer
  • Execute: composer require magently/mb-magento2
  • Next, follow the steps of the Magento module installation, depending on your workflow. You will definitely need bin/magento setup:upgrade.

After the module is installed, it needs to be activated. To do that, go to the admin panel:

Stores -> Configuration -> Magently MB tab -> Module Configuration

Fill the form and click Register module. This operation will create your MBot Shop account that you will be able to use to connect your Facebook Page to the Store View.

If the operation is successful, you should see a corresponding information. Please contact us if it doesn’t work.

Next, enable the module in Configuration. It is important to clear your cache at this point. Once it’s done, you should see this text: “Module is activated. Please go to MBot Shop and configure Store Page”. It will redirect and log you in to your MBot Shop account.

There, in the “My Magently_MB Assignment you will see a list of your Store Views. Click Manage Pages. You will be asked to connect your account to Facebook. It’s important that this is a Facebook account that has access to the fanpage. After it’s connected, click Manage Pages again. You will now be able to assign Facebook Pages to particular Store Views.

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After choosing a correct fanpage, click Assign; if done correctly you will see a success message.

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Now, the module is activated and in working order.


The module has 3 core functionalities.

  • Sending a Summary Message upon completing an order
  • Sending Order Status Messages upon the order status change
  • Sending vouchers and “leave a review” requests.

To enable Summary Messages, go to Magently MB -> Assign statuses. In the Order Summary Message, change the Summary Message enabled field to Yes. From now on, everyone who has connected their Messenger account will receive the order summary upon placing it. Notice - the summary template is on Facebook’s side, so it’s not possible to customize it.

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On the same page, you can configure actions. If enabled, a message will go to a buyer upon changing to a specific status. There is also a set of shortcodes you can use, e.g. order_id, customer_firstname, customer_lastname.

In the Asis Configuration tab, you can set up special messages. The Voucher Message sends a discount code to your customer. You can choose which status will trigger the message and the delay time set in days (0 means it will be sent instantly upon the status change). You need to create a proper Cart Price Rules with auto coupon generation (Coupon -> Specific Coupon, “Use auto generation” checkbox). Then, a “Choose rule for voucher” option will be available in Cart Price Rules.

The second ASIS message type is “Leave a review”, which can be used to send links to products to encourage leaving a review.The configurations is similar to the Voucher Message. Using a "{{products_url}}" variable will show the product in a message in a "Product name: product url" format, e.g. "Product name:"

Making sure MBot works properly

The “Send to Messenger” button for your customers is visible on the Customer Account Page and on the Order Success Page. If a customer uses AdBlock (or a similar ad blocker) and/or Tracking Protection - it will not show up. In such case, they will be asked to disable them in order to see it. In the current version of the module, only logged in users can connect to FB.

If you experience any problems, you can enable debug mode in Module Configuration -> Debug. When enabled, all module operations will be saved to the var/magently_mb.log file. In doubt, please send it to Magently.

Need assistance?

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