Mbot Features

Status assignment

Assign messages to order statuses.

Upon a status change, a message will be send via Messenger to the order's recipient.

Shortcode support

Use shortcodes to address your customers by their names or refer specific orders by their number.

View the message

Click the eye icon to make sure your message looks perfect in the Messenger window.

Voucher assignment

Engage your customers with automated messages.

Upon a status change, a message will be send via Messenger to the order's recipient.

Fine-tune the timing

Set the ammount of time after which the vouchers are being sent.

Create you own Cart Rules

Use your own rules to give percent or monetary discounts.

Get the upper hand with MBot

Update customers on order status

Each time order status is changed in your shop, a custom message will be sent to your customer via Messenger.

Give them vouchers for next purchase

After the order is complete, you can give discount vouchers to your customers to drive up return sales.

Ask customers for reviews

More reviews on shop items means more trust and easier sales for new customers.

Enrich Customer Experience

Use Messenger to establish more personal communication with your clients and watch as their loyalty grows.

Shipping watch
order tracking
at a glance

No need to oper your email. The message can be seen and dismissed on a whim.

simple and easy to read on any device

No lengthy emails and walls of text.
All without installing an additional app.

be closer to customers than ever before

Use a more personal medium that is Messenger.

A personal touch that makes a difference

Talk to your customers like it's 2020. Contact them in their favorite way.

Watch a two minute demo

Go on, try it
for free.

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